Our Custom PC Editor allows you to configure the specifications of your system exactly how you want to the price point you are after.
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The CPU(Central Processing Unit) controls all tasks executed by your computer. A more powerful CPU can handle more simultaneous tasks and allow for more responsive operation of your computer.

The single core scores are a very good indicator of gaming performance, where as the multi core scores are an indicator of professional workload performance and will matter for well optimised games.
CPU Cooler
The CPU Cooler keeps your CPU within operable temperatures. Due to our high airflow cases, it is usually not necessary to spend a lot here, with minor gains in performance attainable from better cooling. All coolers use Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste for optimal performance.
The motherboard connects all of your components together. A basic motherboard is usually sufficient for gaming builds but professionals may need more M.2 or GPU slots that are available on higher end motherboards.
ALL Motherboards come with WIFI 5 (802.11ac) + Bluetooth 4.2 or better.
ALL Motherboards also come with 4 DIMM Slots, to allow easier future upgrading of the RAM capacity of the computer.
Memory is where your CPU stores data for short term use. More memory allows more applications to run concurrently without paging to storage which is much slower than using the system memory. Faster memory gives a minor performance boost.
NOTE: The mining motherboard is only compatible with DDR3, and as such will use lower speed memory than what is shown.
The GPU excels at producing images due to being designed for parallelisation, this is what makes a good one essential for a gaming build.

All RTX 30 Series GPUs except the RTX 3090 and above are LHR (which can now be completely worked around). The RTX 3050 and RTX 3080 12GB have new LHR locks that cap at about 58% of normal.

The amount of GPUs for an enclosed build is capped at 2 due to space concerns (only with compatible motherboards). If you want more than 2 GPUs in a system, we offer that with our mining racks.

TFLOPS (trillion floating point operations) is a measure of the raw compute power of the GPU die itself. Higher memory bandwidth results in better framerate scaling at higher resolutions. Memory capacity dictates whether a game at certain settings will be playable at all.

Selecting used will give you a 15% discount on the graphics card in your computer. Selecting 'USED' will not reduce your warranty below 3 years.

Cases house your components, keeping them safe from damage. Higher end cases are compatible with more motherboards and cooling configurations as well as more PSUs in one PC. All of our cases are high airflow and this results in much easier to cool components due to increased air circulation.

NOTE: Due to constantly changing availiblity of different similar cases, we may have to substitute for a similar case if there is no stock of the case listed.
Power Supply
The PSU(Power Supply Unit) supplies power to all of your components. Higher end PSUs are capable of delivering more power safely and can even power multiple GPUs simultaneously.

NOTE: Some configurations may require mutliple PSUs to run safely. This may restrict some room in the case, reducing the amount of Storage Devices (usually Hard Drives mainly) that can be used in the PC.
Storage - SSD
SSDs are for fast storage. This means you should store data on an SSD that you use often (like Windows) or something that is too demanding for a HDD to handle efficiently (World of Warcraft for example). However, SSDs are far more expensive than HDDs for the same amount of storage space.
Storage - HDD
HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) are for bulk storage. They are ideally used for data that takes a lot of space (High Resolution Video for example) but that is not too demanding for a HDD to load.
Chassis Fans
Chassis fans are placed inside your case and help with the cooling of the system. ARGB fans can also be used to add visual flair to your system! The amount that can be added to your system is dictated by your case and the amount of fans already installed in your cases' base configuration (shown in picture)
Operating System
The Operating System is the software that runs on your computer and allows you to run software. We include an activated version of Windows with every system for no additional cost to make setting up your computer easier and more cost effective for you.
Overclocking is the act of running components beyond the normal specifications to increase performance. All systems come with XMP enabled, regardless of this option.
NOTE: There is a risk of instability with any overclock however, so running the computer stock is the safe option, especially if you never want to interfere with the BIOS. This option is here for people who want to learn about overclocking directly, or want the absolute best performance possible for their hardware.
You can choose peripherals to be bundled with your system! We offer Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Mousepads and Headsets to allow you to get going quickly with high quality products, backed by 3 Years RTB warranty.
A monitor is used to display images. Higher resolution results in a clearer image and a higher refresh rate results in smoother video, gaming and coincides with lower response times.
We have budget gaming keyboards and mechanical keyboards for sale where mechanical keyboards offer a better feel to the user.
We have wired and wireless mice available, with wireless mice being more seamless and easier to use.
A Mousepad gives you a smooth surface to move your mouse with low friction while also protecting you desk from being marked by your mouse.
A good headset enhances your immersion by allowing you to hear more details in games and audio in general which also gives a small advantage in competitive games.
Power Draw: 0W